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Here's what people are saying...
Today's mainstream music tends to be  rather 
shallow, wouldn't you say?

 And the major labels like it like that!  You deserve MORE!

Deeper Connection!
Usually, there is a barrier between the artist and the listening.  It's called a record company.

Here, and ONLY here, you can interact directly with us !  
Deeper Experience!
We are going to take you on a JOURNEY!

Only through this inter-active experience you will get extra content not available anywhere else!
"I must say that with all of the concerts, shows, and performances I have seen, 
these guys are the most interesting.  Their music is like a circus on steroids!"
-music lair
We are going to take this trip....TOGETHER!!!
I have always been a big believer in music with substance that delivers a powerful experience.  Music that not only is dazzlingly entertaining, but that also takes you on a journey.
So, we are releasing our BRAND NEW album through this interactive portal to give you the most mind blowing musical experience we possibly can...
 ...And it's all absolutely FREE!
"Freddie Mercury reincarnated as a steampunk ringmaster..." 
-Flip Cassidy   - twitter
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