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The Journey Begins in...
Here's what people are saying...
No Corporate Machine!
Today's mainstream music is rather 
shallow, dumbed-  
down, trivial 
rubbish, wouldn't you say?
Let's dig a little deeper!
The music Industry makes it all but impossible for music with a deeper meaning to be exposed in today's market...I give you..
Music with a message!
Usually, there is a buffer between artist and listener. Well,
I'm going to tear that
corporate, superficial, wall down and talk...
Directly to YOU!
"I must say that with all of the concerts, shows, and performances I have seen, 
these guys are the most interesting.  Their music is like a circus on steroids!"
- The Music Lair
Why together, you and I, BOTH make the difference!
I have always felt called to make epic music with a deeper message, and simply can't resist doing it with a theatrical flair!   Let's face it, today's mainstream music industry doesn't exactly encourage and/or promote music with much substance. 

So, I've decided to take matters into my own hands and release this album through this interactive portal so we can take a little journey...TOGETHER!  ...And it's all FREE!
"Freddie Mercury reincarnated as a steampunk ringmaster." 
-Flip Cassidy   - twitter
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